I admit it – now and again; I get annoyed with Clever Girl and want to send her back. But I recently realised it’s too late now. We can’t let her go.

Where I live, pet regulation leans heavily toward desexing. Not that everyone does it, but that it’s more common than not.

Clever Girl’s been through two seasons, and according to the breeder’s contract, we can’t breed her. She’s lost her puppy weight – the most successful loser of all of us. So the time came to have her spayed.

She was away for six hours.

The house was dreadfully still and silent without her. I automatically looked at each of her napping spots as I passed them throughout the day.

And as I flicked bits of vegetable on the floor for her to hoover up… I had to go pick them all up again myself because she wasn’t there.

I realised it’s too late now! She’s part of the fabric of my day, and I can’t be without her.

Now I’ve been through enough surgeries to know that when you come out, all you want is a nice quiet lie down.

But it’s so hard to see her wanting and needing that rest.

I’m expecting it to last another day or two. Maybe three.

And a week or so until the stitches come out and we can take the bucket off her head.

Hopefully by then, she’ll be back to normal.

And hopefully, we’ll never have to let her go for that long again.

Too late now

Clever Girl, photo by Me!

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