The Time Flew By

The Time Flew By

Have you ever lost yourself in some kind of activity and wondered where the time went? You say, “oh my gosh, the time flew by, I have no idea where it went!”

Toseland recently created an emoji to represent himself.

It’s an old man.

I suggested that he wasn’t that old, and he should consider a younger emoji.

Though as far as practicality goes, you’re usually young or old when it comes to emojis. I guess it’s too hard to make them in between; with heavy jowls and salt and pepper hair,

He asked who I thought he was kidding, because I use an old woman emoji.

She does in fact have white hair, but she’s always out there doing stuff, and I don’t really think of her as old.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m still about 20.

Only more confident and less concerned about what other people think of me.

Though it is, on occaision, difficult to see young people’s eyes just slide right over me and move on. Not relevant enough for their eyes to actually pause before moving on.

Give it another few years and they’ll experience it for themselves.

No to mention I can’t remember what happened yesterday because time flew by faster than I could remember it! I feel like I might be dead for a fortnight before I notice…

Time flew by

Me and my brother, Christmas c. 1974.
Unknown Boans department staff photgrapher (Perth, WA)

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