The Weird Joy of Life with Wildlife

The Weird Joy of Life with Wildlife

Since my post about my garden planning, people have told me how weird they think life with wildlife must be.

And maybe for someone who doesn’t live with it, life with wildlife is weird. But it’s not like I have a zoo in my garden, or lions and tigers and what-not.

Though, depending on where you’re from, living with dogs might be too much wildlife without adding any more.

Wildlife Tourism

We have a roundtrip of tourist destinations we take our visitors to see. One of the places everyone loves is the Healesville Sanctuary, where they can see Australian natives in natural settings.

Another thing everyone loves to do is go to Phillip Island, where they can see Koalas and the Little Penguins. At Wilson’s Promontory, you can walk in the bush with wild creatures or take a swim with them.

And one of the most popular things you can do almost everywhere, is buy a bag of birdseed and feed the birds.

Wildlife in Our Garden

There are of course some limitations on what you’re going to see in my garden. But it is like a tiny wildlife park we get to live in. Though we’re trying to reintroduce native food sources rather than feeding the creatures all the time.

And as a side note, one of the reasons we bought this place is because it looked like all our best holiday accommodation smushed into one little cottage.

The main creatures you’ll see in my posts are birds and possums because I’m not quick enough to get pictures of the lizards, still haven’t seen the frogs, and don’t post spider pictures because I know they freak some people out (though I did mention about the bathtubs).

I particularly love the birds. Because they’re pretty to look at, mostly lovely to listen to, and they eat bugs and rodents. I know it shouldn’t surprise me, but they have different personalities. The cockatoos look the same (aside from the one with the squashed up head) but I know who they are by how they behave.

And with possums around, I don’t waste any fruit or vegetables (except for celery which they refuse to eat). And it’s somehow comforting to know that there are creatures out there at night. They aren’t guarding the house per se, but they’re keeping an eye on things when I can’t. If you don’t rush up on them they’re quite friendly, but they’re also used to us.

Wildlife in Your Garden

If you look closely, you’ll probably notice wildlife in your garden too. When we lived in a London flat there were foxes, a variety of birds, and the occasional lizard.

It’s just that the wildlife where you live seems less exotic to you than the wildlife I live with. I like checking out what creatures others live with on Instagram, and some of them seem pretty amazing to me.

Singapore looks fascinating!

So if you’re interested in living with wildlife, do a little research about what lives in your area, and what you can do to invite them in.

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