Taking Pleasure Where You Find it

Taking Pleasure Where You Find it
Taking Pleasure Where You Find it
Summertime; youth at the prow and pleasure at the helm, image by Tom Carrington. Published in Supplement, The Australasian Sketcher Christmas, 1882 (Alfred Martin Ebsworth). Via State Library Victoria

Taking pleasure is largely a matter of choice. Sometimes the things that bring you pleasure are the things you have to work for.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, pleasure is

enjoyment, happiness, or satisfaction, or something that gives this [feeling].

This week, we’ve been taking pleasure as we’ve prepared to welcome a new dog into our home.

It’s been bittersweet. Jack died two years ago, and it’s been almost 12 months since Lily died. It’s time to let them go and open our hearts to someone new.

We’ve enjoyed the intellectual challenge of choosing the first name to test on her, and a couple of backups in case she doesn’t like it.

There was the satisfaction of finding her somewhere to sleep and puppy-proofing the house and garden.

The pleasure of researching, shopping for, and purchasing new dog toys and bedding.

We’ve got our pet budget sorted out, and our dog walking outfits together.

And now that we’re almost ready, the happiness of counting down the sleeps before we can bring her home.

It’s like Christmas again.

However, physically getting out there and doing the shopping, and checking the fences, and securing the computer cables has been exhausting.

It’s been knowing that these tasks will make our Clever Girl feel safe and welcomed that’s made them feel worthwhile. That has brought us pleasure.

Not sure whether I’m looking forward to picking up the dog poo quite as much…

31st January 2021

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