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Thank you all for visiting my site during the little things blog hop, it was a pleasure to meet so many new people. And now it’s time to announce the Take a Little Time-out Competition Winner.

I was so interested to read what people wrote and commented on about the little things in life across the different hop posts. In general, it seems we all want to enjoy the opposite of what we usually have.

People who are busy and active want time for stillness, perhaps taking a nap, relaxing in a hot bath or reading a book. Those of us who don’t move much like to get active whether that’s walking, running, swimming or dancing.

Big picture thinkers want to get into small details, often artistic, and detail oriented people want to look away from it all for a moment.

Indoor workers want to get outside into the fresh air and weather while outdoor workers want to take a break to relax in the still air-conditioned comfort inside.

Those in the quiet want to get loud, but those in noise want to go silent.

People who spend time with people want to be alone, but those who spend time alone want to be with others. These others are usually kids or friends, but siblings and companion animals like cats or dogs rank highly too. They might catch up on gossip, share a cuddle or take a beverage. And even drinks vary too: wine, beer, tea, coffee or hot chocolate though not all at the same time!

While I make it sound like it’s always one or the other, it’s not really; as is the way with most things that aren’t black or white it’s more of a continuum. Different days have different challenges, and each brings its own time-out need. Some days you might not need any, but other days you might need two, or five or more! Some days coffee will cut it, other days nothing less than wine.

All you can do is look inside yourself to see where you needs are for today, and do the thing that will feed your soul most deeply when you need it the most; much as I love hot baths, some days a nap is a much better thing. And as frustrating as mornings can be, a cup of coffee is probably better for those of us who are not nocturnal than a glass of wine.

But you don’t have to take your time-outs individually either; you get bonus relaxation points for chunking them, like drinking your coffee outside in the sunshine with your dog close by while listening to the birds singing in the trees and appreciating the touch of the wind against your skin.

I feel more relaxed just typing that out!

So I encourage you to take these little moments where you find them, and if you have to wait at the bank or post office, then so much the better. You can close your eyes and imagine yourself out there in the sunshine with your dog and your drink.

Thanks for all your entries in the competition to win a signed copy of my book Build Your Signature Wardrobe. To randomly select a winner, I numbered your names in order of comment receipt, put them into an excel spreadsheet and generated a random number. The winner is Kristina Oden – I’ve sent you an email.


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