Eek! There’s a Spider in the Bathtub

Eek! There’s a Spider in the Bathtub

A little off topic, but I had to share this. I recently watched BBC4’s Spider House, and it was absolutely fascinating!

While it’s about English spiders in English homes it’s probably relevant for arachnids everywhere in some way or another.

Though I have to say that I did find Dr Tim Cockerill’s enthusiasm for the eight legged creatures slightly disquieting…

Why did the spider head for the tub?

To drink water!

So obvious, and yet so unexpected.

Why did the spider get stuck in the tub?

They have claws on the end of their legs/feet and can’t get any purchase on the near vertical of the tub walls.

How do you get rid of them?

Definitely not by flushing them down the drain. They can collect an air bubble around themselves and get out again.

Much “safer” to just use the old paper and glass trick to capture them and relocate them outdoors.

Preventing spiders in the tub

If you don’t want them in the bath, leave water droplets somewhere else. Perhaps the shower, or under the sink.

I leave a bathmat hanging over the edge of the tub; the clever ones climb out.


If you’re not completely arachnophobic, see if you can get a copy.

Very grainy photo of a huntsman spider in my house, by Me!

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