I’m So Very Sorry…

flowers with so very sorry message

flowers with so very sorry message

I’ve been a bit off schedule and distracted lately, so I wanted to apologise and explain myself. I am so very sorry for being an unreliable correspondent.

As you know, I was inspired by a conversation overheard on the train to start writing an amusing book called Stress Free Dinner Parties explaining the serious business of how to plan and host a Dinner Party.  It is now available on Amazon for Kindle.

It’s getting very exciting, and a little stressful.  But I am so very glad that I have embarked on this challenge – it has been exhilarating!

After my first round of editing I realised there was a lot of missing information so I have been furiously writing to get it all down, and now the book is about a third longer than I had originally planned.  I still have another round of editing and proofreading to do, but I am determined to release it on schedule so I think that Nanna naps and proper home cooked food may have just flown out the window for the next week or so!

I found a graphic designer and with a great deal of nervous anticipation commissioned the cover.  The drafts aren’t exactly what I want yet, though he’s been really helpful and seeing the variations come through has been thrilling.  MY BOOK COVER!  So wonderfully awfully amazing.  (If you think I may have a smile permanently plastered on my lips you are correct).

That’s it – is that a good excuse?

23rd February 2015

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