The Smell of Fresh Laundry

The Smell of Fresh Laundry

I LOVE the smell of fresh laundry – hints of lavender, mown lawn, and a little little bit of sunshine.

So with the odd warm day we’ve had lately, I’ve been catching up on the washing.

And in between loads of clothes, I’ve been freshening up the blankets and quilts.

Washing Pretty Girl’s dog hair out of them so we can can put them back on the bed. Ready for Clever Girl’s dog hair to fill them up.

And while it’s lovely to have a dog again, her black hair turns out to be much more visible than poor Pretty Girl’s blonde. It’s quite startling when you empty the lint filters.

Not that it matters that much, because it washes up clean, and if there were no dog hair we’d probably need new blankets.

And for a little while, the smell of fresh laundry perfumes the house with the smell of warm sunshine as well.

smell of fresh laundry
PMy washing line – photo by me!

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