Signature Wardrobe Picnic Outfit
Picnic group in a glade c. 1890-1915 via State Library Victoria

Whether you’re heading into Spring or Autumn like me, we are united by the desire to enjoy the good weather. And one way to do this is to don your Signature Wardrobe Picnic Outfit and head to the beach or a park for a picnic.


You’ll be outdoors in the sun, at least to start with, though you may need protection from the wind, and perhaps a shower as well as the sun.

You will be lounging on your picnic blanket, but there may be some sprinting for cover, a game of football/cricket/baseball, maybe a little cooking.

Bear in mind that there is a great deal of difference between a nicely manicured City park and a wilderness National Park, and if you are picnicking at the wilderness end of the spectrum you will need more durable clothing. In either case, there is potential for tears and stains, so avoid delicate fabrics and items that require special care.


You will probably want to look (and feel) relaxed, so you should choose colours and styles that you are comfortable in, that offer sufficient room for chasing balls, pets or children.

And as picnics are generally a lot of fun, why not introduce some pattern to keep it lighthearted. Try to avoid pattern matching your picnic blanket too closely!


A lot of women will default to jeans and a t-shirt for this simply because this is what they wear all the time.

But, it’s an event, so why not wear something a little more special like a skirt or a dress instead? They are also good for hoisting up to your knees to show a demure amount of skin or go paddling in a convenient creek or lake (if it is safe to do so).

Or you could wear shorts/capris if that’s more fun and practical for you.

You might like something loosely fitted in a cool, breathable fibre like cotton or linen. And depending on whether wind or rain is more likely, either a light cardigan or waterproof jacket.


Leaving this one to you to decide.


Skirts and dresses feel more like sandals or ballet flats than sneakers or boots. And you can easily take them off and toast your toes in the sun, or paddle. You should probably leave your heels safely at home where they won’t be stained or damaged.


You’ll probably need a sun hat for a little face shade (again a natural fibre), UV-protective sunglasses and perhaps a larger sun umbrella or portable tent style shade.

Take a small bag (not your enormous everyday one) and consider including a first aid kit and some bug repellent.

Don’t wear jewellery you don’t want to lose but do wear your activity tracker.


A good dollop of sunscreen lotion, light UV protective makeup (you may end up sweating most of it off) and a casual hairstyle that won’t interfere with your hat. Or take some hair elastics to tie your hair back later when it gets annoying.

You could take the opportunity to treat yourself to a pedicure or painted toenails if there is a serious possibility of bare feet.

Wrap Up

Your picnic outfit will share some common elements with your beach outfit, and your fair outfit. In fact, it may be that you have a Summer go-to outfit that does all three, or perhaps variations in several colours or patterns according to your mood.


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