Signature Wardrobe Outfit for Watching Football

Outfit for Watching Football
Outfit for Watching Football
A crowd of people going to the football ca. 1890-ca. 1920 via State Library Victoria

Football season is finally here! It’s still hot enough to feel sorry for the boys running around on the field, but nonetheless, it is time to start thinking about your Signature Wardrobe Outfit for Watching Football.


Well, it will be cold, you’ll be outdoors, and you’ll be sitting. Probably shivering if not fidgeting. Interspersed with leaping out of your seat, chest bumping, high-fiving and back slapping the people sitting next to you. You may be drinking beer and eating hot dogs or chips, and probably struggling to disrobe with numb fingers when it’s time to go to the bathroom. Maybe there will be ugly-crying if your team doesn’t do well.


If you were not born into a team, try and choose one with colours that you know suit you. You will be wearing them for six to twelve months of the year.


You’ll need at least the team hat and scarf. Depending on the depth of your team spirit, you might also like a team hoodie or jacket, maybe socks, a player’s guernsey or waterproof poncho as well. The first thing to do is decide whether last year’s clothes were lucky enough to wear again this year. If not, consider whether you need to mend or replace them.

Your other clothes should be warm. You might like to think about pockets to put your hands in, possibly big enough to put hot packs in as well. If you are wearing a skirt, make it a long thick one and pair it with thick woolly tights. Or your good old jeans.


I feel the cold deeply, so I’d recommend long johns or a union suit (onesie).


Smooth boots with warm long socks are probably best. Not necessarily wellingtons, but at least coated with a water repellent (nothing worse than wet feet). Those with a low or Cuban heels will be better for the leaping than thin high heels.


You may still need your sunglasses, and you might also want gloves and a watch. Only wear your must have jewellery so it doesn’t get lost or stolen. I’d also recommend a small waterproof bag with the minimum to carry for the same reason.


You might want a little makeup just for polish, and to secure your hair for when the wind gets up. Depending on where you live you should think about sunscreen as the winter sun can still burn (assuming it comes out).

Wrap Up

This outfit is readily and can be worn to a lot of other outdoor events, as well as for coffees or casual lunches too (you might not want the union suit in that case).

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10th March 2016

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