Signature Wardrobe Movie Outfit

An audience of movie outfits. Photo by Severin Dostal [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons

When I recently walked past my local cinema. It was dark and spooky looking, and I thought it had closed down. Which was a shame as I have always loved going to the pictures, especially the ones where you dress up and sing along! And then a bunch of people in their gym clothes walked out, and I decided it was time to look at a Signature Wardrobe Movie Outfit.


Chances are, you will be in air-conditioned comfort, i.e., it will be cold. Unless you’re watching something very popular with a theatre stuffed to capacity, in which case it will be warm.

You’ll be sitting, eating snacks, and if you’re lucky necking. There might be laughing or crying. Perhaps you will sing, rock in your chair, or get up and dance. You might also pull your top over your head, so you don’t have to see the scary bits.


This is another good occasion for your favourite colours and styles. If you’ll be eating one of those delicious movie theatre chocolate topped ice cream cones, I recommend something at the darker end of your spectrum so it isn’t quite so obvious when you lose a bit down your front and can’t find it in the dark.


Something comfortable for sitting. If you’re planning to nibble your way through the biggest possible bucket of popcorn, you might want to wear something a little loose and unrestrictive. Also a bit plain, so you aren’t picking snacks from folds, ruffles, or layers afterwards. Your favourite stretch jeans and a cute t-shirt are fine, but skirts and dresses work too. Especially if it’s a date you hope to impress. Take a light layer for warmth if you need it.


Probably. If it’s an outdoor cinema, and you feel the cold, consider your thermals.


Again something comfortable; sneakers perhaps or a low heel. Please don’t take them off, or put your feet on the seats in front of you.


Nice quiet jewellery.

Some theatres don’t permit snacks that aren’t bought on site and may insist on inspecting your bag; a small one will avoid this. And If you’re juggling snacks and drinks, you won’t want to be carrying much else either.

A handkerchief (or scarf) will be handy for nose blowing and wiping popcorn flavourings and grease off.

Don’t forget your distance glasses!


Something that isn’t going to be disturbed by you fidgeting, flinching, or necking during a couple of hours in the dark. Simple smear proof makeup with waterproof mascara and a lightly tinted lip balm. Plus natural hair; loose or in a ponytail.

Wrap Up

It won’t really matter what you wear, if the movie is as good as you hope, no one will be looking at you. But you want to feel confident, and comfortable, then dressing well is the best way to do that. This outfit is going to be very similar, if not the same as many of your other casual outfits (e.g., brunch, gallery, or errand), but that’s just an indication that these are the kind of clothes you should have the most of in your wardrobe.

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