Was that a Radio Conversation or Not?

Was that a Radio Conversation or Not?

The other day I was trotting around doing some chores before work, and I thought I heard a radio conversation.

The kind of morning radio thing where a couple of presenters talk about the usual kind of inconsequential nothingness.

(And you want to climb inside the receiver and punch the lights out of them. Or is that just me?)

I could hear two distinct voices, and could almost make out the words.

I thought maybe we hadn’t turned the radio off in the mad dash to breakfast, and the radio conversation had moved on without us.

But as I got closer to the bedroom, the voices became less distinct rather than more.

It wasn’t a radio conversation at all, it was the sound of the water falling as DB took a shower.

Falling water sounds
like a long conversation
on the radio

This waterfall is an art original (c. 1870 – 1880) by Alexander Sutherland via State Library Victoria. I’m not sure if this is the same Alexander Sutherland (1852 – 1902) that was a school teacher, wrote for the Argus, became Registrar of the University of Melbourne, honorary secretary of the Royal Society of Victoria, journalist, writer and poet. But given the art is not signed or dated, and was purchased, it seems likely.

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