Quit Smoking Holistic Spending Plan

Quit Smoking Holistic Spending Plan
Quit Smoking Holistic Spending Plan
Women smoking in the snow c. 1900-1930. Photo by Alice Manfield (1878-1962) via State Library Victoria

Sooner or later, some smokers will decide that it is time to quit smoking. It’s not a snap decision, it’s something that most of us think about for many years, and take several attempts to do. Like any other self-improvement project, you need a plan.

Vision, Mission, Virtues

There are as many reasons to quit smoking as there are people, and the only certainty is that quitting any addictive substance requires a lot of preparation, grit, and support. And these will come, in part, from a bright vision of your future.


A calm and addiction free life of easy breathing and emotional stability.


Wean off nicotine with patches.

Note: there are other forms of nicotine substitutes, and other methods of quitting, and this is just one of them.


Let’s say Health, Love, and Family.


While this could be a SMART goal, it might be better as a HARD one because you will need a string and passionate commitment to the outcome to carry you through the throes of withdrawal.

Basic Spending Plan

The basic proportional plan with the after-tax monthly income of $3,435.

% of income


Any plan to quit smoking will have three phases


In this phase you will investigate your options and choose your method. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll lay in some stock so it’s there when you are ready. You’ll read about the symptoms you can expect so that you are not surprised and panicky when they happen. Plus you’ll stop buying cigarettes/cigars/tobacco in bulk and start buying packets as you go. You’ll start reducing the number you smoke each day.

And you’ll think about how to avoid situations that will make you want to light up and let people who will be impacted by your decision know what you’re planning. Don’t forget to practice saying,”No thanks, I don’t smoke.”

Some people find it motivating to start putting aside the money that they don’t spend on cigarettes so they can reward themselves as they progress. If you are in Australia, you’ll be looking at something like $30 – $50 per pack so the rewards are significant. Often rewards will be foodstuffs because you’ll find things taste so much better – why not try a slap up meal at a celebrity restaurant or exotic fruits?


The best time to quit is not a Monday morning or Friday night. If your preparation was adequate, you will have your supplies ready and can quit when you run out of cigarettes at a convenient time, like Wednesday night.

If you were going to use patches, the manufacturers recommend a three-stage approach with reducing doses each month, and these could cost around $150 but if you shop at discount pharmacies you can get them cheaper.

You might also consider supplementary expenditure on items like whitening toothpaste, dry cleaning for items that reek of smoke, and professional cleaning for your home to get the smell out.


The cigarette cravings don’t stop when your substitution does, so you need to prepare for that and continue to avoid your triggers.

You may find that you spend less time with former close friends because they smoke, and don’t want to meet you at smoke-free venues. You may feel lonely, so consider an activity to meet new people.

And if you’ve saved your cigarette money, you’ll have a nice nest egg saved up to blow on rewards!


With a three-month quitting program you’re looking at monthly:

  • expenditure of $150 on nicotine substitutes
  • savings of say $1,200

These amounts will both be part of you Happy Life provisions.

Quit Smoking Holistic Spending Plan

So it’s another no change plan. but if you recall our Overseas Vacation Plan, we wanted to save $417 a month, and your savings would more than cover that, so this is your opportunity to swap smoking for something big!

Alternatively, you could consider

  • Food: spending a little more on fresher, higher quality food
  • Clothing: allowing a little extra for something special
  • Happy Life: upping your retirement contributions now that you have extended your life expectancy


There are a  number of excellent reasons to quit smoking, and the savings that you could be putting towards other things is just one of them.

5th March 2018

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