November 2022 Progress Report

November 2022 Progress Report

What can I say about November 2022?

I finally got my sauna! And while getting it unpacked and put up almost killed me, along with the fencing, I’m really happy it’s here.

But otherwise…


Got myself mostly organised for Christmas with cards and gifts all sent, and some luxury food treats laid in ready for the day.

I collected together some stories about finding your home, and published them in a new collection. Plus I finished novella #7, and am partway tp publishing novella #1 (of the 12 novellas in 12 months challenge).

Survived my eleventh tranpslantiversary, and am now wondering how my general health is affecting the kidney. Only a few more weeks until this quarter’s transplant review.

I have now made it to 77 of 78 books in my 2022 reading challenge, though I read some fairly bulky books and am looking for something lighter to bring me through to the end of this year’s challenge.

So You Want To Live Younger Longer?Owning ItThe War of Art

Goal Scoring

The score is a percentage; the times I did the keystone activity (most likely to produce the result) divided by the times I planned to. A “good” score is above 85%. I check in every week, but I’ll only note the averages here.

I’m finding that my project monitoring habits are more or less the same for quarters as they are for annual, in that I stop monitoring when I get closer the end of them…

#1: Stay Married to DB
• Cook his favourite meals.
• Do the chores that annoy him the most when they don’t get done.
Never move anything he puts down.
I’d say I’m about 75%. He’d probably say less 🙂
#2: lose 14.1 kg by January 3, 2023
• Maintain the nutritional balance.
• Take 150-300 minutes of moderate activity per week.
• Don’t eat after 7 pm.
I’m getting to grips with the program. DB has lost more than me, but he has more to lose. I’ve lost 1.7 kg, which feels like nothing, but at 64.2 kg I’m the lightest I’ve been since April 2017, so I’m happy about that. And I dropped another dress size.
#3: Stephen King Famous
• Write 500 – 1,000 words every day.
• Complete a novella each month.
• Submit 5 stories per week
Not exactly sure how I get the novellas finished and in on time without some kind of stable routine. I’m still writing in fits and starts, so maybe it’s time to face the fact I’m not as good with routines as I thought.

I’m starting to think that I need to plan less. Particularly with some of the challenges we’ve got coming up next year. Just as well it’s not long until my planning cycle takes place.

And that’s me for November 2022! How did you get on?

You can find more monthly reports on the Life Worth Living page.

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