The Miracle of Rain

The Miracle of Rain

The miracle of rain is that it happens at all – drinking water just falls from the sky.

It supports all life on this planet, and literally falls fall from the sky! That’s amazing.

Yeah, I know it’s all down to evaporation and condensation, but even that’s pretty incredible. (sorry to get all sciency)

The rain is also a part of thunderstorms, and lightening, and snow, and hail, and drizzle, and sleet, and fine mists, and fog.

The stuff that rains down on you might have been the ocean a few days before, or from a different contintent or hemisphere. And that’s the kind of thing that can turn your head inside out if you let it.

Sometimes there’s not enough of it, and sometimes there’s too much of it. But now and again, it’s just right.

So the next time the clouds are dark and stormy, be thanful for the miracle of rain.

the miracle of rain

This photo of Paris by Lola Guti on Unsplash.

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