May 2023 Progress Report

May 2023 Progress Report

May 2023 was a weird month ranging from laid out after my Covid vaccination to up and about, posing for a photshoot for new headshots. (Which went swimmingly, and you can look forward to seeing the new images soon).

Highlights from May 2023

Lost the first half of the month thanks to the vaccination. I’d forgotten how bad it was, and for me (with the immune suppression and what not), still horrific. Luckliy DB (being a more or less normal representative sample), had no trouble, We’re booked for flu vaccinations next week, so hopefully that will go ok for both of us.

I also received a bunch of print books from my new distributor, and I’m really impressed with the quality. I’m in the process of listing them in my new shop, so I’ll be closing my payhip store down soon.

And you might have noticed the new look website! Not as much of a drama as the last time I gave my site a makeover, but I think the results might be better.

As I was preparing for the photoshoot, I started thinking more about beauty, and was a little startled (but not) to find that there’s still only one that seems to matter.

They’ve started constructing the granny flat, but I can’t say it’s moving very fast, though at least they are keeping the site (my garden) clean. It made me start sorting out what types of tasks I can get to depending on how much distraction is going on at the time.

It was another month where I started reading a bunch of books, and didn’t finish them, I don’t write reviews unless I get a ways in, so this month there are only three to report on. I’m sitting at 46 out of a target of 100 books, and I’m steady at 6 books ahead of schedule.

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As I mentioned for Q2, I’m focusing on publishing this quarter, and set my Keystone Activities as:

  • Write at least 50 words each day.
  • Publish fifteen “books” each month.

My long-term goals remain

  • Rebrand my businesses.
  • Revitalise the websites.
  • Consolidate the online stores.
  • Finish some of the long-term outstanding items.

And I’ve made a snippet of progress towards those goals.

Goal Scoring

As a refresher; the score is a percentage of the times I did the activity divided by the times I planned to. For example, I’m planning to publish 15 books each month, and if I only manage 5, the result is 33%. A “good” score is above 85%. I check in every week, but I’ll only note the averages here.

Write at least 50 words each day.0%Went off the rails, There’s too much else taking up my brain space at the moment. I’m just working on publishing instread.
Publish fifteen “books” each month.40%Published one of the collections I mentioned last month, and the five stories inside it. Also went back and published Friends Like That digitally as I didn’t get to that last December when I hurt my hand.

So that was my May 2023, how did you get on?

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