May 2021 Progress Report

May 2021 Progress Report

May 2021 turns out to be the month I broke, and then got my shit back together again. Struggling with bronchitis, but making progress. It feels bloody good to get back to living again.

So it’s just as well I have stuff to do, and heaps of energy to spend on it!

Beauty: body
I enjoy exercising my lean, healthy 59 kg body several times a week.
• Eat < 5g of salt and sugar per day.
• Walk 10,000 steps per day.
• Sleep 8 hours each night.
• Go vegetarian
66.9 kg
66.6 kg
Daily walks, cutting down on salt and sugar. Getting to bed earlier, and sleeping more deeply.

Feeling much better, and more productive.

Beauty: garden
My garden is peaceful (lush and abundant, providing habitats, weather protection and a mystical threshold)
Q1&2: finish the plan and start landscaping/planting.
😐🙂My garden guy is back, and he’s done a great job of pruning the fruit trees.

Now it’s my turn to start getting the garden plan going.
Beauty: home
I live in a comfortable home that soothes my soul.
🙂😐The latest news is a shortage of building supplies. Doh! A lot of it’s imported, so who knows when things will straighten out.

In the meantime, we’ll do some of the maintenance kind of thing (e.g., replace broken light fixtures), and prioritise the garden.
Friendship: Friends
I love meeting new people, and as I am friendly and outgoing, I make friends easily.
• Make some local writer friends.
🙂😐Not much socialising with all that sickness…
Friendship: Creatures
My creatures are happy and healthy and find my garden a haven.
🙂🙂Clever Girl looks like a full grown dog, but she’s still a puppy inside. A 30 kg puppy… Only 18 months before her brain catches up with her body. Always assuming she is one of the labradors that grows up!
Friendship: Contribution
I share my knowledge, time, and money with those who need it.
• Write and publish stories.
😐🙂Published the Common or Garden Variety Heroes collection, as well as collating some romance stories for Lovelorn, Lovestruck and Love at First Sight.

Plus Planning a Life Worth Living will be out soon too. In which spirit I shared a dating spending plan!
Pleasure: Recharge
Read 104 books
😐😐An embaressingly small read this month – 18 books behind!

The Miracle MorningThe Simplicity PrincipleThe Productivity ProjectGenius Foods

Thought about the nature of pleasure, and wrote a haiku.
Wisdom: growth
I learn and grow every day.
• Visit a historically or culturally significant venue or event each month.
🙂🙂Locked down again… Maybe next time.
Wealth: time
Write 653,236 words to complete my first million fiction words.
😐😐• Broke my writing streak – back to 19 days.
• Wrote 3 short stories.
• Wrote 16,507 words.

I went through my to-do lists, and discarded almost everything. Except my plan to learn ikebana.

I feel lighter, and more focused on what’s left. I’ve already got Lovelorn, Lovestruck and Love at First Sight, and Planning a Life Worth Living off the list. Next up; Australia Felix – an historic collection of art originals. I can’t wait to get started!

How was your May 2021?

You can find more monthly reports on the Life Worth Living page.

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