March 2019 Progress Review

March 2019 Progress Review

As March 2019 disappears into long-term memory, I find myself gasping and trying to figure out where the year went. Already.

What I do know, is that my Programme Manager brain runs on a year-long to-do list, and a daily list just makes me angry. In fact, I’ve spent a lot of the month angry about one thing or another, and that’s probably what it all comes back to.

I need to rethink my goals in an annual context, and I feel like I don’t have time for that, so that’s making me mad too!

Daily Energy
• Not eat processed or manufactured food where possible.
• Walk 10,000 steps.
• Sleep 8 hours.
68.8 kg

🙂 69.3 kg
So, I’ve got some new dietary targets.
• The Australian Heart Foundation recommends no more than 5g of salt per day, and a manufacturing comparison rate of < 120mg of sodium per 100g.
• The World Health Organisation recommends no more than 10% of kilojoules come from “free” sugar (as opposed to the intrinsic sugar in whole fruit, vegetables and milk). According to Food Standards Australia, that’s 50g (12 teaspoons) for an adult with a healthy BMI, aiming for < 5g of sugar/100g.

Steps, meh. Sleep meh (a good night notwithstanding). But I’m working on it.
Daily Focus
• Write 1,800 saleable words.
• Turn off the computer by 7 pm.
🙂😐I haven’t done a lot of writing this month, though what I did was on my novel, or a short story that’s beginning to look like a novel.

I “attended” an online Business Summit, and I’ve got some ideas for new annual goals focusing more on priorities.

I’ve fallen into the habit of not turning my computer off, but I’m not actually looking at it after 7pm.
Weekly Friendship
• Connect with someone (other than DB) by phone, mail or in person.
 🙂🙂Met someone new, was dismayed by the Christchurch attacks, and closed my Facebook account.
Daily Prosperity

• Find three things bout
 being alive to appreciate.
• Find three things about being a (prolific) writer to appreciate.
 🙂🙂With poor pretty girl being unwell, appreciation mainly came back to being alive and long-tail income.

Though I enjoyed closing out my Summer Wardrobe and planning my Winter.

And having heard that it can take more than eight years to save for a house deposit, I thought about how you might do it.
Daily Wisdom
• Read at least 78 books in 2019
🙂🙂Still ahead of schedule. This month’s reads include Tyrant, Lunar Abundance and Fall Girl.

My March 2019 productivity journal, shows I haven’t been very productive, though there are lots of notes and to-do lists for the rest of the year. Not enough merit stickers. 🙁

How was your March? Are you heading in the right direction, or do you need to course correct like me?

You can find more monthly reports on the Project Worthwhile Life page.

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