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Little Things Blog Hop

Thanks, Elle Jacklee.

Hello! Welcome to the Little Things Blog Hop – I’m stop 79 of 117 (at last count). If you visit each one, you will find out about a lot of little things that make life worthwhile and have the opportunity to enter a lot of competitions including the huge rafflecopter giveaway with a US$50 Amazon gift card grand prize.

For those of you don’t know me, my name is Alexandria Blaelock and I am a writer and philosopher who encourages people to embrace things that matter like beauty, friendship and wisdom. I have written two personal development/lifestyle books describing how rational thought about activities like getting dressed and feeding your friends can lead to the kind of pleasure that makes life worthwhile.

And that is kind of the point of this post. It’s so easy to get caught up in your treadmill, just cycling round and round and never taking a break. The treadmill was originally a prison punishment in which prisoners would take long monotonous shifts “climbing” a paddle wheel, but today your treadmill is more likely to be mental. You have thousands of stray thoughts and activities you are trying to stay on top of, even though most of them don’t contribute to your wellbeing.

You may not be consciously aware of it, but the pressure (or stress) of all those things is building up inside you. Take a time-out now to notice how you feel. Is your heart thumping in your chest? Are breathing very fast? Perhaps you are tired and grumpy or can’t remember what it is you were going to do next. Or maybe you have just noticed that you have chewed your fingernails down to the quick.

While some stress is good for you (it gives you a bit of get up and go), prolonged excessive stress can be harmful. It is the kind of thing that continues to build pressure inside you if you don’t take action to dissipate it. You can use a variety of long-term methods such as physical exercise, meditation and yoga to keep it under control, but there are going to be times (e.g. public speaking) when you need a quick shot of anti-stress. Or a time-out.

Just as we all stress differently, we have different solutions when it comes to letting go of stress. My friend Katy takes five minutes to plan out step-by-step what she needs to do about a problem that is bothering her. Toseland on the other hand, will go into the stairwell at work and literally run up three or four flights. I like to close my eyes and imagine myself somewhere warm and sunny, and then I take a deep breath and hold it for the space of ten heartbeats before letting it rush out again. And maybe do it again if I need to.

What do you do? Share your favourite five-minute time-out in the comments below for a chance to win a signed copy of my book Build Your Signature Wardrobe.

Next stop on the blog hop is Iris Blobel, who writes romances set in Australia.

Thanks for “hopping” by!

UPDATE 20/4: The Little Things Blog Hop is over; the competitions have closed, winners been notified, and associated websites shut down (so I have removed the links).


  1. My favorite 5 minute timeout is just loving on my grandkids. I call it baby therapy 🙂 If they aren’t around a long hot bath or getting lost in a book does wonders. Thanks for the giveaway and chance <3

  2. Kristina Oden says:

    Thank you for the wonderful Blog Hop! I am so excited to find all you new authors and books!! I am so looking forward to checking out your books! A little inspiration goes a long way!

  3. Kristina Oden says:

    I’m sorry, I forgot. My 5 minute time-out… Just to be able to get outside and breathe the fresh air & clear my brain.

  4. wlcannavina says:

    My 5 minute time out is sitting at the coffee shop having coffee and a scone (I spend a lot of time at home being mom and it’s nice to get away for just me time)

  5. Grace E Hart says:

    My favorite 5 minute time out is just rocking out to some music!
    Thank you for participating in this hop!

  6. Tammie Browning says:

    I walk away to be alone and just think of positive things, like my grandchildren, that always relaxes me, puts a smile on my face, calms me down and then I can get back to what I was doing.
    Thank you for the chance.

  7. Stephanie lawrence says:

    I live just outside of Orlando so my time out is going to any body of water. No phone, no books come on no electronics, no music, just water. It resets me as long as I don’t get eaten by an alligator

  8. Christina Wagner says:

    I have several different things I do. Sometimes I write or doodle, take slow steady breaths, and sometimes I scream (not at anyone just a scream).

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