June 2017

So. June 2017. I watched The Lost City of Z the other day, and there’s a scene where the main character becomes caught in a fishing net and almost drowns. That’s kind of how June 2017 feels.


My new multi-focal glasses finally arrived, and I discovered that sometimes less clarity is better than more. And I had to sign up for a conferencing service that offers you a soft focus option that I found very hard not to engage.

Virtue May June Notes
Beauty: Body

  • Weigh ≤59kg by 5 June 2017 (Discipline).
  • Book all the appropriate 2017 dental, medical and mental appointments, so they take place on schedule.
  • Join a local yoga class and pay for the term up front (Discipline).
65.3 kg
66.2 kg
My transplant clinic doctor gave me a good talking to about my weight. I am starting to feel a little desperate now. As if I have tried everything and nothing is working. Though of course, I have barely tried anything at all.

I started reconsidering activity trackers.

And it occurred to me that I need a better reason for losing weight and getting fit.

Beauty: Presence

  • Pick a hair style and commit to growing it in (Discipline).
  • Plan 2017 Winter and Summer wardrobes.
 🙁  🙁 Argh!

All those virile young men cutting down the trees made me feel old and frumpy and irrelevant.

Which is partly what started me thinking about an Outfit to Conceal Your Identity.

Beauty: Home

  • Develop a plan for decorating and upgrading through 2017.
  • Execute the plan.
  • Complete all tasks required by the plan (Discipline).
 😐 🙁 I think we can safely say that my plot is well and truly lost. There is so much crap everywhere that I just don’t know where to start anymore. On the plus side, you can still see the floor.
Beauty: Garden

  • Develop a 2017 native plant landscaping plan for privacy.
  • Execute the plan.
  • Complete all tasks required by the plan (Discipline).
 😐  😐 I remain surprised by the amount of light in the garden with the trees gone, and the flow through to the house as well. It will be interesting to see how hot the house gets in Summer.
Friendship: Friends

  • Book 2017 lunches, coffees and dinners with local friends.
  • Join Writers Victoria and attend meetings at least monthly (Discipline).
  • Join a local chapter of Toastmasters and attend at least monthly (Discipline).
 😐  😐 Quick lunch with Katy, though other Katy and I couldn’t get it together.

Thought about breakfast for a Dinner Party.

Friendship: Creatures

  • Book 2017 vet appointments for the dogs.
  • Develop habitats for native creatures (shared with Garden).
 🙂  🙂 Dogs are blessed creatures, aren’t they? Always content. Always ready to eat or nap or play as the moment dictates.

I’m hearing the fox a lot now, and I’m wondering where its den is.

Friendship: Contribution

  • Develop a sharing program.
  • Where possible purchase from small or local suppliers.
 😐  🙁 I offered someone what I thought was advice, but turned out to be product research. I feel used. Not Exemplum Virtutis.

And then there was #withrefugees.

Pleasure: Adventure

  • Plan and do one new thing each month.
  • Plan an overseas vacation for 2018.
 🙂  😐 Mostly crickets. But I got another Haiku on the board. And shared productivity journalling.
Pleasure: Recharge

  • Turn the computer off by 9 pm.
  • Read a book each week (Discipline).
 🙁  😐 Managing to turn the computer off, but not read. There has perhaps been too much napping.
Wisdom: Growth

  • Read a book each week (shared with Recharge).
  • Visit a historically or culturally significant venue or event each month.
 🙁  🙁 Mostly stagnation…

But I thought about when Life happens. And was fascinated by the latest political idiocy in Australia.

Wealth: Business Development

  • Select and attend a business-related conference or event – real not virtual.
  • Select and attend a marketing course (real or virtual).
  • Consider buying advertising to market my products and services.
 🙁  😐 See also Friendship: Contribution.

Joined a “Mastermind” group, and while we have only had one meeting so far, it looks positive.

Wealth: Income

  • Earn $1,000 a month.
  • Re-develop CV and re-register with employment agencies.
 😐  😐 Still haven’t calculated my book income.

I increased my editing rates, and I’m still getting work.

My June 2017 Productivity Journal entries include a lot of notations that I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but I gave myself a few stickers as well, so probably a balanced month all up. I did feel productive enough to set a launch date for Holistic Personal Finance, but I’m going to wait a few more weeks before I announce it (to be sure).

How was June 2017 for you?

You can find more monthly reports at the Project Worthwhile Life page.


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