The Joy of Being

Joy of Being

It seems to me there’s a lot of sh*t going on right now.

We’re busy worrying about disease, job security, and how to make sure we don’t run out of what we see as necessary paper products.

But what we’re forgetting, is that the only reason we can worry about those things, is that we are alive.

In the face of a global death toll that still keeps rising.

And governments that aren’t supporting us as well as we’d like them too.

We’ve forgotten the joy of being.

The joy of being alive. The joy of being warm. Of being satisfied after a good meal.

The joy of having.

The sun will still rise in the morning. Our friends and famiy will still be our friends and family.

But we might know them better now, have shared our fears and worries, given and received comfort.

And we might like spending a little bit more time by ourselves.

Joy of Being

This photo of sunshine and shadow in the Botanical Gardens Melbourne (c. 1920 – 1954) is from the Rose Stereograph Company postcard collection series P.1396 via State Library Victoria.

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1st June 2020

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