I’ve discovered it’s possible to be frustrated and amused at the same time. Isn’t that odd? And a bit weird?

We’ve been talking about replacing our second hand office carpet since we moved into this house a couple of decades ago.

It sounds like a fairly simple thing, doesn’t it?

And yet…

Is the floor, underneath its existing coverings and the layers of dust and inexpertly removed dog excretions actually sound? Will we need to rip up and replace some or all of it?

Parts of this house are more than 100 years old, so I’m a little afraid to even see what’s under the carpet. Though I imagine the older floors are probably sounder than the newer.

Our floor is definitely not level, though it’s hard to say it was level before the previous owners restumped the house. Good solid concrete stumps so that at least was probably worth it.

So should we try to level it, or just get something to minimise the undulations?

Timber would be nice, which takes us back to replacing the floor. Though the existing timbers might not be good enough to polish up. And if we don’t level up the floor, we can’t use a laminate.

Though we could use sheet or tile linoleum or a vinyl that reproduces the effect of timber, but isn’t that odd?

I suppose, not really. Other people have done it.

Then again, the point is to replace the carpet.

Just have to agree a colour now, and that might be the hardest decision of all!

isn't that odd

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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