In Case of Doubt

In Case of Doubt

I recently came across an emergency alarm – “in case of emergency, break glass”.

A clear and simple instruction, along with a clear and simple action – break the glass.

I’m assuming the action triggers an alarm to sound, providing the opportunity to do something to help the situation.

Which in turn, would make you feel immediately better about whatever the emergency was. You’ve notified the authorities, and help is on the way!

I doubt I’m the only one who assumes that.

When we bought this house, it had a similar “alarm” installed as a doorbell, and I wasn’t the only one reluctant to push the button.

Everyone knocked on the door until we replaced the button.

But it occurred to me, an “in case of” alarm would be useful in many other avenenues of life.

Like in case of self-doubt for example.

It might surprise you to realise I suffer this. A lot. More so as I’ve grown older.

The fear of looking like a fool. Of not being able to do something. My body not being flexible or robust enough.

That whole thing about the spirit being willing but the flesh being weak. (Which isn’t actually the same).

Or breaking the glass at a Jewish wedding, though I know that isn’t the same thing either.

But just like the alarm, it would end the panic, and I could calmly move on. As my mentor always says, “onwards and upwards!”

Though I’m not sure I have enough glasses for that!

In case of doubt

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

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