Time again to wish you Happy Holidays 2023 – my tenth year wishing you all well for whatever season you’re celebrating at the end of this year.

I’m sitting here, watching it rain, wondering where Summer (the season I associate with a happy holiday) is. Queensland is suffering floods, and my heart goes out to them.

As it does to those in war zones, droughts, and the other man-made and “natural” disasters I’ve heard about this year. Not to mention Covid’s still hanging around. Are we still at the highly mutated Pirola or have we moved on?

So often we hear about man-made as a short cut for “caused by humans”, but I’m going out on a limb to say these disasters are all MAN made. Caused by the male of the human species. Not to say that all of woman kind is any better.

I’m feeling Grinch-like.

Hopefully, you aren’t.

In the meantime, I’ll take a few weeks off to rest and enjoy the break.

So Happy Holiday 2023. I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, and I’ll be back (deity of your choice) on January 9 2024.

This photo of baunles and bells by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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