The Joy of New Undergarments

There's nothing as good as the crisp, clean, fresh feel of new undergarments

I mentioned in my Winter Wardrobe Plan that I needed new undergarments. But it was a kind of off-hand addition that suggested there was no particular need or rush.

But, I just bought some. And they’re amazing! I can’t believe I waited so long.

Which makes me think how it’s funny what you get used to – ugly droopy drawers with saggy elastic and fraying lace.

The tiny daily deteriorations you don’t really notice until you get something new (just like the mattresses).

The undergarments you keep wearing because no one, aside from ambulance drivers (unlikely as that seems), is going to see them.

And maybe because deep, deep down you don’t think you deserve nice things.

Which is a bit funny given I firmly believe in the physical and mental benefits of well-fitted undergarments. The kind of fit that can only be achieved by trained corsetieres in lingerie shops (not part-timers in discount department stores).

The kind of well-fitted undergarments that support good posture and give you confidence.

It makes me wonder whether I should just throw them all out every year and get new ones.

There's nothing as good as the crisp, clean, fresh feel of new undergarments

Underwear model c. 1940 – 1950, via State Library Victoria.

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8th May 2019

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