Wishing on a Moon Balloon

We’ve been blessed this year by some exciting lunar events, including the supermoon, blue moon, blood moon, partial solar eclipses, and a total lunar eclipse. It’s like a big old moon balloon.

Oddly enough, the moon has no light of its own, the light we see is a reflection of the sun. How amusing given it is traditionally a symbol of the feminine. And the sun masculine…

No wonder the moon is fickle. She’s driven to distraction half the time.

In astrology, she’s symbolic of the soul, its reflection and adaptation. In alchemy, she relates to silver; purity, vision and strength.

The cycle of waxing and waning symbolises new beginnings, growth and letting go. And taken together, for eternity or immortality.

Which seems to make it more appropriate to wish on a moon balloon than on a star.

The moon brought to you by Kevin Wells at Getty Images Pro via Canva.

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