Cough Cough Coughy Cough

Cough Cough Coughy Cough

I’ve had the direst couple of weeks because DB kindly brought me the latest flu doing the rounds and it seems that all I did was cough. Cough cough cough. Or wake up coughing and gasping for air. Waking up from weird fever dreams where someone posted me a live cat, I killed ALL the dolphins to save my email, and a flock of tiny turtledoves ripped apart an enormous spider. Happily, I also woke up with this fully formed Haiku hanging in the air. And luckily for me, it didn’t fade into oblivion like a fever dream when I went back to sleep.

Advertising for Hoadley's Cough Cough Mixtures c. 1930.

This charming illustration comes from an advertising card for Hoadley’s Cough Mixtures c. 1930 via State Library Victoria.

You can read more of my Haiku here.

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