You may or may not know that when I had the stroke last year, my inner dialogue went missing.

For a while I really missed it.

But I got used to it.

I consoled myself with the knowledge that people meditate for decades to achieve a quiet mind. And I got one overnight.

And now, a year later, it’s back!

It’s as happy to be back as I am to have it.

We’re singing, and dancing, and interrupting each other as we try to tell each other stories.

But at night, when I’m trying to sleep, it’s still singing.

And at 3 am, it nudges me, and says, “how’s this for a good story?”

And I say, “that’s fantastic,” and grab the laptop and start typing before we forget it.

It can be tiresome, but it’s had no one to talk to for a year, so it’s only fair to keep listening.

And the last thing I want is for it to disappear again.

So while I miss the silence, and have to meditate twice as hard, I can wait for it to slow down on its own.

I got my voice back

This photo by Ernie A. Stephens on Unsplash

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