Many of you know I like writing stories about people with ghost best friends…

Well, I was recently invited by to share my favourites. The hard part was narrowing it down to just five!

The original request came in for Alma’s Grace, so it was lucky timing I’d just published The Ghost and Ms Cox.

Anyway, my interview is now live on the web! invites authors to share and recommend books they love. Readers can then search by author, or by topic.

If you don’t want to read about ghost best friends, how about just ghosts? Or best friends.

For Ben Fox, the founder, it was important to have a books resource not owned by Amazon (goodreads was bought by Amazon several years ago). With this independence, “new” authors can find readers through their book recommendations.

If you like the description, you can click a link and get directed to a store to buy. The site is funded by affilliate links, and if you like and enjoy it, you can donate.

I had a good nose around, and I’ve already added a bunch of books to my reading list. Goodness knows when I will have the opportunity to read them all.

Though I hurt my hand over Christmas, so I’ve been reading a lot about branding and marketing. Though to be honest, not many of them have made anyone else’s lists!

Anyhow, take a look at my list, and have a nose around while you’re there.

And let me know about your ghost best friends!


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