February 2022 Progress Report


Now that it’s February 2022, thanks to the 12 Week Year, I have the uncomfortable feeling the year is half over. And it kind of is.

February 2022

My minor surgery turned into a medium sized drama when the big hole got infected. Extra strong antibiotics that made me feel ill, and plenty of lazing about. Which is actually stressful in itself.

Which may have been why I got myself into trouble over adulting.

Though it also gave me time to think more about the extension. The flooring in particular, and more generally, about the place of boldness in interior design.

As it turns out, the calendar I bought didn’t work for me, so I bought a Kokuyo Jibun Techo Lite, and so far so good. Sadly it doesn’t fit any of my covers, and it’s already crumpled, but I’ll leave it a few more weeks (just to be sure) before I start looking for a cover. Though I prefer to think I’m not failing, I’m planning success.

Still struggling along with InDesign, and still swearing a lot.

And just a small reminder about the Read an eBook Week sale at Smashwords – still on until tomorrow!

Q1 Goal Scores

A note on the scoring; the score is a percentage. Basically, the times I did the “work” divided by the times I planned to. According to the book, a “good” score is above 85%. While I am checking every week, I will only note the average here.

#1: Stay Married to DB
• Cook his favourite meals.
• Do the chores that annoy him the most when they don’t get done.
Never move anything he puts down.
51%Up three points since last month 🙂
Still room for improvement, and as I can get back to the chores now…
#2: lose 5.6 kg by April 3, 2022
• Eat smaller portions.
• Don’t eat snacks.
• No eating after 7 pm.
62%Up five points 🙂
Started at 64.5 kg, and finished at 64.1 kg. Been some more snacking; salty snacking at that. Hopefully better in March
#3: Stephen King Famous
• Write every day
• Submit 5 stories to high-quality magazines, competitions, awards and anothologies every week.
• Self-publish a books (of existing stories) each month.
32%Down 58 points 😮
Though as I mentioned in January these aren’t the right goals or indicators. I’m thinking more about this for the next quarter. I’ll just work on tidying up loose ends for March.

Overall I’m reasonably happy, and I’ve learned a lot. I think the key is to take a moment in the morning to remind yourself what you’re working towards. And then a moment in the afternoon to reflect on how you’re getting on.

So that’s February 2022 – how did you get on?

You can find more monthly reports on the Life Worth Living page.

11th March 2022

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