Do or Die

Do or Die
Do or die
The Great [Cecil] Barrie sawing a beautiful woman in halves in full view of the audience, c. 1920 – 30. Via The Will Alma conjuring collection, State Library Victoria.

It feels like we’ve been in and out of Covid lockdown since before time began. But with so much time spent at home (where possible), many people have found this a good time to get a bit healthier.

Do or die of a different kind.

Take my friend Katy, who looks more radiant than at any time I have known her.

She stopped smoking and wearing makeup, and her skin cleared up.

She’s not dealing with difficult people all day at work, so she’s less stressed, and sleeps better.

She hasn’t been able to go the the hairdresser, so her hair’s grown a couple of inches. She’s not blowdrying it every day, so it’s soft and glossy without any added product.

She’s losing weight because she’s:

  • making proper food from scratch during the time she usually commutes,
  • not snacking on the biscuits at work, and
  • taking her dog out for walks when she hits blocks.

It takes her two minutes to step out of the shower and put clean clothes on when she’s in lockdown.

Having said that, Katy is an extrovert, and she can’t wait to get back to work more regularly. But she’s not sure she wants to continue taking as much as an hour everyday in an attempt to meet the expectations of her mostly male colleagues.

Do or die again.

I can understand that.

Some days I don’t bother showering before dressing. And I generally add moisturiser between dropping DB’s first coffee off and going back to bed with my own.

It’s been so long since I regularly wore makeup, I’m not sure I could. And my perfume must surely be past its best by now.

When I went out to work, getting the face on and the hair done while sharing a bathroom with DB in the shower could be stressful, so it’s not really surprising that I used to watch women putting their makeup on the train. For the entire 45 minute journey.

What Katy ends up doing is up to her, but the new Katy seems more relaxed. Comfortable. Readier to laugh. So I hope she can develop a minimalist makeup routine that’s closer to two minutes than sixty.

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30th July 2021

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