The Day Seems Bleak

The Day Seems Bleak

We’ve had FIVE covid related lockdowns. Full of long, bleak days.

So many that even I, an introvert who works from home, has about had enough.

I find myself staring slack jawed out of the window, idly watching the turtledoves scramble around the deck looking for any seed the parrots might have missed.

Now and again, I catch sight of that pesky rat.

Otherwise, absolutely nothing going on in my head.

Some long, bleak days seem to take forever. Stretching out into infinity, writing the same words over and over again because I got distracted in the middle.

Some days I can’t seem to get anything done because Clever Girl wants a snack, or to go out side, or to play with me. (Or as she’s about ready to go into heat, perhpas something else…)

But always, at the end of the day DB comes home, and we’ll have a laugh and talk about our days.

And as I go to bed, I realise I made it, Covid safe, through another day.

day seems bleak

“Standing on the bleak top, the howling wind rushing past
and moaning over the sea, a strong shuddering seized her”.
Illustration for serialized story (Crowned With Good by Olicana)
in the Australiasian Sketcher August 25, 1884. Via State Library Victoria.

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