Breakfast Stress Free Dinner Party

Breakfast Stress Free Dinner Party
Breakfast Stress Free Dinner Party
Almost Ready for a Breakfast Dinner Party c. 1937. Unknown Photographer via State Library Victoria

Toseland was describing his recent Oxfam Trailwalker experiences to me and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a Breakfast Stress Free Dinner Party.

In case you don’t know, the trail walker is a gruelling challenge for teams of four, involving a 100 km walk that you complete within 48 hours. Toseland arrived at the finish line about 42 hours in, cold, wet and hungry.

But even if you arrived earlier or later than breakfast – who doesn’t love an all day breakfast!


Our focus here is on food that can be prepared ahead and quickly reheated on a barbeque.


Orange juice will be good, but flasks of hot tea, coffee, or chocolate may be more appreciated.


You’ll be in an outdoor park. The Melbourne end point (Wesburn Park) in particular (at the time of writing) includes an off-leash dog park so you can bring the whole family.

Dress Code

Warm! It would be kind to take blankets for extra warmth for your walkers.

“Dinner” Planning

This time, four guests arriving at some point.

Apéritif: Shop Bought Breakfast Biscuits with Tea/Coffee/Chocolate

This is just a little something to take the edge off while you get the rest on the go. Try to pick a biscuit that is high in fibre and low in fat and sugar.

Entrée: Overnight Oats with more Tea/Coffee/Chocolate

It’s basically porridge that you leave to soak overnight.

Mix ¼ lb (115 g) oats with ½ pint (300 ml) of milk, and any spices or sweeteners you like. Leave overnight. In the morning, add a little extra milk to loosen the mix and microwave for a couple of minutes, or gently heat it on the stove before putting it into a thermos jar. Alternatively, take a pot and heat it on the barbecue while you wait.

You can add fresh, stewed or dried fruit, seeds, syrups, yoghurt and so on according to your friends tastes.

Main: Bacon and Egg (or Sausage) Roll and even more Tea/Coffee/Chocolate

While your friends are eating the porridge, fry up some bacon and eggs. I also like the square sausage known as Lorne. They might also enjoy a roll that includes fried mushrooms or tomatoes. Serve in a soft roll (bap) with barbeque and tomato sauces.

Dessert: Fruit with still more Tea/Coffee/Chocolate

Most mornings we end our breakfast with a little fruit, not a lot, just an apple, banana or mandarin between us. But if you clean off the barbecue plate, you could toast some bread to have with jam.


If they’re still hungry, it might be time to find a coffee shop!



Aside from the porridge, you can make this as you go at the park. You’ll probably need to take the hot water for the drinks with you, because for some reason there are always issues with heating water on a barbeque.

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