Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science Fiction and Fantasy deal with alternate realities.

Science Fiction includes speculative or futuristic concepts, such as space travel, aliens, and parallel universes.

Fantasy includes supernatural or paranormal elements, as well as myth, magic, and the otherworldly.

All my books - fiction (novellas, collections and short stories) and non-fiction are available to buy or borrow.

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Novellas (short novels)

The Ghost and Ms Cox

Orphan Finn Cox inherits a cottage. Thinks it holds the key to her origins. Of course she takes a look. Who wouldn’t? But when she gets there, she gets more than she bargained for. Is it friend, family or foe?

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Short Story Collections

The Histories of Hayward Hall

Meet Morag Clementine. The new housekeeper at historic Hayward Hall. Her practical and capable attitude keeps her out of trouble. Her no-nonsense, get it done approach. Just as well, because Hayward Hall needs someone like her.

Unavoidable Fates

Do you believe in fate or free will? In a world not so different from our own, even the Fates question their places in the universe. In this collection of fantastical Fate stories, you’ll see where fate can take you.

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Genre-Spanning Collections that include Science Fiction & Fantasy

Common or Garden Variety Heroes

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Whether that’s running into a burning building, standing up for what you know is right, or saving a princess it’s going to take everything she women’ve got and more besides. Join them if you dare.

Case Files of the Wilkinson National Detective Agency

Welcome to Wilkinson’s. Mr Hall’s running a little late, can I get you a tea or coffee while you wait? What if I tell you about some of our recent cases? Yes, then get comfortable and settle in for a wild ride.

Christmas Travesties

If Christmas under the hot Australian sun isn’t twisted enough this story turns it up a notch. Matilda May McDonald, so-called crazy-cat-lady. Owner of four dogs. Trapped by her past. Perhaps this Christmas offers more than salvation.

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Short Stories with Science Fiction & Fantasy Elements

Kiss of Death

Life and death. But not as you know it.

Phoenix Child

Dying is just a new beginning.

Love in the Security Directorate

She can take him or she can take him.

The Palace Hotel

In a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere, Diana has a decision to make.

The Ghost Detectors

Zoo doesn’t believe in ghosts…

Never Going to be a Hero

No matter how far you go, you can’t escape the triads.

Long Weekend in the Snow

Lies, revenge
and black magic.

Special Relativity in Space

Travelling can be detrimental to your health

Dingo Hunting

Find your own pack

Remains of Christmas

The Empire conquered her people, but Christmas conquered the Empire.

Dance of Death

When you die far from home.

Onslaught at New Mir

A blast from the past

Lady of the Looking Glass

Sometimes, seeing is believing.

Life in the Security Directorate

She wants to blend in but she’s trained to stand out.

The Guardian's Vigil

Waiting. Always waiting.

The Space Time Paradox

At the right time and place…

The Psychic Detective

Grief’s a bitch

Ship in a Bottle

Alone in space… Almost.

Payton's Run

Failure is not an option.

The Shadow Thieves

What is the long shadow of war hiding?

Love in the Past Tense

When the stars align, all things are possible

The Second Son Squad

Danger within. Danger without.

Fate in your Hands

Fate leads those who follow.

Alma's Grace

What’s scarier than living with ghosts?

Waylons Way

Treachery at the Tailor’s Guild.

Mystery of the Master Suite

When all is not as it seems

Dwennon's Despair

Clothes make the man. Or do they?

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