In the broadest of terms, mysteries are stories where a detective (professional, private or amateur) investigates a crime. Stories may include supernatural themes, fast paced thriller elements or gritty realism.

All my books - fiction (novellas, collections and short stories) and non-fiction are available to buy or borrow.

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Novellas (short novels)

Taipan vs Brown

Georgia Garside. Foul-mouthed Private Investigator. Ex-contorionist. Caught up in the war between a wealthy industrialist and the ex-sugar babe who can’t take a hint. A laugh-out-loud triparte battle of wits, winner takes all.

Friends Like That

Ellie Porterfield is not one of THE Porterfields though she works at their department store. When a beaten man collides with her she is Is drawn into a web of danger that could cost her life. But could it shed light on her past as well?

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Short Story Collections

Case Files of the Wilkinson National Detective Agency

Welcome to Wilkinson’s. Mr Hall’s running a little late, can I get you a tea or coffee while you wait? What if I tell you about some of our recent cases? Yes, then get comfortable and settle in for a wild ride.

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Genre-Spanning Collections that include Mysteries

The Histories of Hayward Hall

Meet Morag Clementine. The new housekeeper at historic Hayward Hall. Her practical and capable attitude keeps her out of trouble. Her no-nonsense, get it done approach. Just as well, because Hayward Hall needs someone like her.

Common or Garden Variety Heroes

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Whether that’s running into a burning building, standing up for what you know is right, or saving a princess it’s going to take everything she women’ve got and more besides. Join them if you dare.

Christmas Travesties

If Christmas under the hot Australian sun isn’t twisted enough this story turns it up a notch. Matilda May McDonald, so-called crazy-cat-lady. Owner of four dogs. Trapped by her past. Perhaps this Christmas offers more than salvation.

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Short Stories with Mystery Elements

Simone Says Hands in the Air

There’s a killing to be made at the bank.

Cracking the Code

Zoo doesn’t believe in ghosts…

Susan and the Gangster

The calm before the storm…

Blood and Bloody Profanity

The one that got away…

Balancing the Book

Would you help a stranger?

Life and Death of Carmelita Basingstoke

Find a secret. Let it go.

The Mince Pie Mystery

Can the business’ most efficient and effective Personal Assistant solve a crime?

The Psychic Detective

Grief’s a bitch

Cry in the Darkness

What would you do?

The Last Case

The problem with a family business…

The Pseudonym's Bride

Happily ever after… Or not.

The Shadow Thieves

What is the long shadow of war hiding?

Christmas Bonanza

Edina Montrose wants to win the most anticipated reality show on TV. No matter the cost.

Cancelled by the Cartel

Justice or Retribution?

Mystery of the Master Suite

When all is not as it seems

Never Going to be a Hero

No matter how far you go, you can’t escape the triads.

The First Rung

The new broom sweeps clean.

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