The Day the Schedule Broke

Take an ordinary moment. Add golden light and dramatic music. Now you’ve got a movie.

Sandra (not Sandy, Sands or Sando) Lockwood works in a basement storage cupboard come office.

That just self-destructed.

Now she has Daniel Carruthers, movie star and Gorgon Studios CEO to deal with.

Is it possible she’s in the right place at the right time for love?


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Lovelorn, Lovestruck and Love at First Sight
His good looks draw you in… You want to know what makes him tick. Your heart pounds when he’s nearby. You try to keep your secret passion close, but his touch is electric. All you can think about is him. It must be love

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The Day the Schedule Broke
Sandra (not Sandy, Sands or Sando) pushed a stack of papers aside, then cursed as it slipped off her wonky desk in a cascading flurry of individual sheets across the floor. Surely the day couldn’t get any worse. Could it?
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