Common or Garden Variety Heroes

Do you have what it takes to be a hero?

Whether that’s running into a burning building, standing up for what you know is right, or saving the Princess it’s going to take everything you’ve got and more besides.

In this genre-spanning collection of original stories, five women draw on resources they didn’t know they had:

  • Cracking the Code – can Gemma Jones track down a missing woman?
  • Never Going to be a Hero – Veronica, just wants a quiet life on Mephisto station, but Jade Dragon justice comes calling.
  • All in – Rosa Velázquez, famous for rescuing a family, tries to rebuild her life, and Jude Webb is a complication she doesn’t need.
  • Cancelled by the Cartel – Daisy Day has a chance to revenge her dead boyfriend, will she take it?
  • The Second Son Squad – Abby Fisher, finds herself in the body of a teenage girl impersonating a boy in military school. How did she get there, and why?

Join them, if you dare.

Available in

  • Hardback (ISBN: 978-1-925749-67-0) MSRP US$24.99
  • Paperback (ISBN:9 78-1-925749-68-7) MSRP US$13.99
  • eBook (ISBN: 978-1-925749-69-4) MSRP US$5.99




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