April 2023 Progress Report

April 2023 was a very social month, dominated by friends stopping over during their whirlwind visit to Australia.

Highlights from April 2023

It was exhausting! First clearing up and getting ready for them, a hectic week of eating tool much and visiting attractions, then clearing up again after they left.

Then Clever Girl and her paw…

And then the foundations for the granny flat went in.

Though I reviewed Q1, and planned for Q2, and with that in mind, I made some book covers and have some stories hitting the shelves in May.

I didn’t read much this month, so I’m up to 43 of 100 books – 10 ahead of schedule. While visiting the libary last time, I came across a Diana Wynne Jones Chrestomanci omnibus, and seeing as I read some of them when I was younger, I’m happily reading my way through. There are definitely a few of her books around here, maybe even one or two Chestomancis.

Charmed LifeThe Magicians of Caprona


As I mentioned for Q2, I’m focusing on publishing this quarter, and set my Keystone Activities as:

  • Write at least 50 words each day.
  • Publish fifteen “books” each month.

My long-term goals remain

  • Rebrand my businesses.
  • Revitalise the websites.
  • Consolidate the online stores.
  • Finish some of the long-term outstanding items.

And I’ve made a snippet of progress towards those goals.

Goal Scoring

As a refresher; the score is a percentage of the times I did the activity divided by the times I planned to. For example, I’m planning to publish 15 books each month, and if I only manage 5, the result is 33%. A “good” score is above 85%. I check in every week, but I’ll only note the averages here.

Write at least 50 words each day.6.67%I wrote a couple of introductions for a couple of short story collections I’ve put together.
Publish fifteen “books” each month.33.33%I made up two collections and nine stories, but “only” got five on the market. I was held up a little by “branding” the series.

So April 2023 has been a lot of fun!

I don’t mind not having achieved as much as I’d hoped, particularly as one of my suppliers has changed their sales structure which will remove one of my process roadblocks.

So that’s my Apri 2023, how was yours?

You can find more monthly reports on the Life Worth Living page.

5th May 2023

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