April 2022 Progress Report

April 2022

So, April 2022 marked the start of the second quarter, and my second 12 Week Year, the first using the 12 Week Year For Writers. And started with a sense of excitement.

April 2022

Even though April’s only just ended, it feels like ancient history. Can’t even rightly recall what happened! I really must get back into the habit of journalling. At least I got my hair cut!

The big ticket item was looking at “granny flats” as well call them. Also known as dependent person’s units. Just one possible way of getting a detatched extension now we’ve been priced out of an attached extension.

With the end of summer time, I set my alarm to get up half an hour earlier (or one and a half in winter time), so I’m effectively getting up at 04:30. Can’t say I enjoy it… But I do get more done during the day as my procrastion’s finished by the time DB leaves for work. But it did make me think about the nature of time, and relatedly, what’s the “right” question.

Took a flu shot, and while it wasn’t as bad as the Covid one, it knocked me out for a few days.

Bought some bloody uncomfortable new sneakers I can’t wear, and stumbled across Barefoot shoes It’s been about a decade since I wore shoes regularly, so I ordered a pair to try and they’re working well. Time to consider a second pair of barefoot shoes.

Found a local writer’s group, and I’m looking forward to my first meeting!

15 books ahead of schedule for my reading challenge; And read some books;

Buddha’s OfficeDesignologyHill House LivingShinrin-YokuThe Power of RegretStar-crossedBuddha’s DietThe Betrayal of Anne Frank

Q2 Goal Scores

Reviewed Q1, and planned Q2, making some adjustments.

A note on the scoring; the score is a percentage; the times I did the “work” divided by the times I planned to. A “good” score is above 85%. I check in every week, but I’ll only note the averages here.

#1: Stay Married to DB
• Cook his favourite meals.
• Do the chores that annoy him the most when they don’t get done.
Never move anything he puts down.
98%Not that this is all that goes into a marriage, but I’d say I went well in April 2022.
#2: lose 5.6 kg by April 3, 2022
• Eat smaller portions.
• Don’t eat snacks.
• No eating after 7 pm.
73%Started at 64.4 kg, ended at 64.8 kg, so not doing well. DB brought some particularly delicious Turkish Delight into the house, but this month it’s mainly not finishing dinner before 7 pm.
#3: Stephen King Famous
• Write 500 – 1,000 words every day.
• Complete a novella each month.
• Publish the novella the next month.
90%Novella #1 (of 12) is nearly done and ready to submit. Managed to get all the Common or Garden Variety Heroes collection stories published, as well as this month’s Millie and the Mountain.

Didn’t regularly journal, (or add any stickers) though I’ve got some course notes…

And now it’s May, I’d like to add that back to mt daily routing.

And that’s more or less April 2022. How did you get on?

You can find more monthly reports on the Life Worth Living page.

6th May 2022

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