There’s a lot to consider for the 2022 Winter wardrobe plan;

  • Over the last 6 – 12 months I’ve slimmed down from a LARGE to a Small verging on Extra Small.
  • I’m tired of “cheap” clothes that stretch or shink and warp, and want to look and feel good, regardless of what I’m doing.
  • Over Summer 2020, I chose to wear black to help filter out distractions, but now I’m tired of it.
  • I managed some pattern last year.
  • This year my ability to deal with coloured and patterned clothing depends on how much I need to think, and therefore how much distraction I can deal with at any given time.
  • Still have issues with the cold.
2022 Winter Wardrobe Plan
Brown bear in lausanne, switzerland. photo by Matteo Maretto on Unsplash

2022 Winter Wardrobe Plan


It’s a new year, with a new budget, and I’ve slimmed down, so I’ll start my plan with $1,000.


Must be WARM and fit well.


More or less the same building blocks:

  • Colour: mainly black, but some colour for less brain intensive times.
  • Pattern: mainly colour blocks, but perhaps some larger patterns.
  • Silhouette: After wearing baggy ill fitting clothes for a couple of years, I’m starting to lean towards 1:3 – short top over long bottom e.g., short top with jeans.
  • Design Line: Fitted to Semi-fitted.
  • Texture: Light and Smooth.


DB bought me some trackpants, t-shirts and fleeces, so that’s my exercise wear sorted out; luckily they were too small when he bought them (nice compliment) so I think I can ride out the season with them.

As to what I need (aside from clothes that fit):

  • Like last year, absolutely, positively, if nothing else bras.
  • Perhaps smaller undies
  • Jeans, maybe even fleece lined skinny jeans.
  • Cardigans and jumpers, as opposed to fleece hoodies.
  • New sneakers

Wardrobe Review

Took me half the day to go back and look at my old clothes; the ones I put away after the stroke when I started wearing black, as well as those I put away when I grew out of them.

Hilariously, some I put away are now too big, and I’ll be getting rid of most them. I do still like some of it, so some alterations may be in order. Plus I still have some clothes that are a little too small, though not for long at this rate!

There’s still plenty of black from last year, and plenty of colours and patterns from the stash, so from that point of view, there’s a good balance. I’ll check it all again when the overwhelm settles.

I need to wash it all, but at least I now have jeans, (including red stretch corduroys I’d forgotten about), skirts, tops and some jumpers.

Shopping Plan

I’m a little surprised how many clothes I now have, but there’s still a couple of bits to buy:

  • Bras – at least two good ones, and a sports bra say $500
  • Warm cardigans that fit, say $300
  • New sneakers, say $200

Feeling good about the season.

How is your Winter 2022 planning coming along?


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