2022 Transplantiversary

2022 Transplantiversary

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It’s that time again – the 2022 transplantiversary. Eleven years and counting – officially past the nice, neat, predictable transplanted lifetime.

I’m feeling weary, and that makes it feel like a lot happened this year.

But my life hasn’t changed a great deal since the dark days of Covid, so it’s possible like millions of others my underlying fatigue is related to these times of uncertainty.

Then again, I’m older, with a “new” puppy, so we could blame her too!

But overall, I’d say I’m doing well this year.

The Kidney

Still stable.

Though as I’m suffering some effects from the stroke, I feel as though the mental aspects of kidney failure (brain fog and forgetfulness) aren’t as good as I would ideally like them to be.

The fatigue is quite bad at times, and I’m back on the performance-enhancing drugs, taking erythropoietin injections to trigger the production of red blood cells. My haemoglobin levels have risen my dose has reduced. I’m not sure it that’s good or bad.

The Body

Clever Girl’s mood remains dependent on the amount of exercise she gets, so while I may not have lost much weight, I have slimmed down a size, and I’m happy about that. Definitely fitter and healthier.

Finally got around to seeing a physiotherapist about my post-dialysis back pain and some core work, so I’m in a lot less pain.

The sensitivity of my skin remains a problem, with even soap and shampoo irritating it, so not bathing as regularly. Not to mention the scratches and bruises. But at least I’ve got a good sunscreen, though I don’t always remember to reapply it in the afternoon.

And I finally decided how I wanted my hair to look after the Covid growth. Though I haven’t actually got around to getting much in the way of new clothes yet.

The Work

I started a challenge to write 12 novellas in 12 months, and I’m halfway through.

Plus, I wrote 25 new stories, and published these stories and books:

Though most of the “major” stuff is still in the publication queue.

It’s more than last year, so I suppose that’s a success.

The Verdict

In some ways worse, and in other ways better – in the main, my verdict depends on what time on which day you ask me.

Though I feel I’ve made a difference this year, and I hope that satisfies the family of my organ donor.

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