2020 Signature Wardrobe Summer Update

2020 Signature Wardrobe Summer Update
2020 Summer Wardrobe Update
blessed by the black. Photo by me.

Before I get into the Summer Wardrobe Update, let’s recape My 2020 Summer Plan.

Which was basically to get a bunch of black clothes.

And this was to help with the stroke recovery by reducing the visual distractions my coloured clothes became.

I needed the confidence boost of the style and quality I prefer (as opposed to clothes that just would do), so I went all-in with a budget of $2,000 to more or less replace everything.

  • Colour: black.
  • Pattern: none.
  • Silhouette: My favourite is still a 3:2 ratio – long top over a long bottom (e.g. tunic over jeans.
  • Design Line: Semi-fitted.
  • Texture: Light and Smooth.

And I planned a minimally viable wardrobe:

  • 1 pair of pants
  • 1 skirt
  • 2 dresses
  • 4 tops (one that can be used as a jacket)
  • cardigan

2020 Summer Update

I bought almost everything through my favourite made-to-measure Etsy providers.

  • linen pants $158
  • box pleated linen skirt $114
  • 2 linen dresses $366
  • 4 linen blouses $515
  • cardigan and a jumper $395

A total of $1,548, coming in $452 under budget. Yay me!

I’m glad I bought “good” clothes, not that I wore them out of the house much because I’ve been cold. And there’s been the small matter of the global pandemic.

And it turns out I can’t wear my coloured and patterned clothes for more than a couple of hours over lunch. They’re too intense to wear when I need my wits about me, like when I’m visiting doctors or shopping.

Plus I’ve got a black dog now, and her hair is already all over them the non-black clothes.

How did your 2020 Summer Wardrobe purchases pan out?

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