Let me start by saying while there was no plan, I thought I’d do a 2017 Summer Wardrobe Update anyway because I learned a few useful things in the meantime.

2017 Summer Wardrobe Plan

I built my 2016 plan around five outfits: two work, one chore, one errand, and one social, and I see no reason to think I would have done anything differently had I made a plan.

Technically, having built 2016’s wardrobe, I’d have no need to do much more than update a few pieces. Luckily, I’d buy differently now, so I don’t have to live with clothes I don’t LOVE!

My Purchases

A black straw sun hat for going out.


I didn’t make any provision for purchases. Partly because last winter’s unplanned spending was still freaking me out, and partly because it had stocked up my summer wardrobe. Not only was I reluctant to buy anything, I didn’t need to.

As I mentioned in my February report, I have put on an excruciating amount of weight, so I am glad that without a shopping list I didn’t go buy stuff that probably wouldn’t fit me now anyway.

The new sun hat has been in my wardrobe plan since 2014 with a provisional (adjusted for inflation) budget allocation of $290. My lovely new hat came in at $200.


The black hat reduces sun glare way more than expected, and has been a great blessing since the cataract surgery!


I’ve been looking for a black hat for a long time. This year I saw a natural straw in a style I liked. I asked the milliner for the same in black, and she happily obliged. I demoted the old straw coloured straw hat to yard work and is now splattered with white fence paint.

After looking at my Summer 2017 photos, I really dislike the yellow linen empire line dress I was so fond of last year. I feel it makes me look fat and frumpy. I’m planning to see if it’s alterable to fit more closely, but I’m not sure it’ll be worth the cost.

I’ve been more or less wearing the same red and blue tops you see me in all the time and ignoring all the others. So I’ve now discarded a few tops; a couple of recent purchases that turned out to have uncomfortable necklines, and a couple that were old/stained/damaged.

I love the colour and silhouette of my blue summer dress. I’m going to check with the dressmaker to see how much it would cost to have it replicated.


If I was sensible I would’ve bought new undies. They’ll have to wait for winter now.

Next Steps

I’m starting to feel a little tired of my wardrobe. I mentioned in my 2018 plan that I wanted to introduce some patterns so that will be something to think about more for winter.

How did your summer wardrobe shape up?

Photo of bedroom wardrobe c. 1962 -1972 by John T Collins (1901-2001); J.T. Collins Collection, La Trobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria.

For more, see my wardrobe planning page.

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