WWI Postcard via State Library of Victoria http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/16504
WWI Postcard via State Library of Victoria

Hello again! I’m so excited to be back. During our break, I made time to review 2015, and I believe my virtues make the same sound basis for a worthwhile life in 2016.

Like many Scottish people around the world, I follow the tradition of giving the house a good clean out to leave the old year behind before starting afresh in the new. Despite my best intentions (about keeping up to date with the home care) it still took a fair bit of time. I didn’t go as far as ladies from times gone by – I didn’t wash all my household linens or the carpet. But I did chuck out some old computer files, unsubscribed from some email lists and reorganise my filing system so I think that evens out.

Beauty: I take care of my physical well-being and surroundings. I live the authentic me.

Beauty has the components of body, presence, house and garden. Presence, house and garden have all progressed really well and could now be considered business as usual (BAU). But I don’t really want to let them go so I need to think of some new goals to go with them. Body, on the other hand, remains an issue. And I find myself lacking in discipline and now fully commit to doing whatever is required losing the weight. Last weigh in was 63.9kg (141 lbs).

Friendship: I trust and treat other beings, as well as I, want to be treated.

Friendship’s components were creatures, friends and contribution. These are also BAU and need some targets.

Pleasure: I pursue activities for their own sake; meeting friends, international vacations, relaxing and recharging.

Pleasure consists of adventure and recharge; pretty clear-cut – try new things and enjoy guilt-free moments of idleness. Trying new things remains a struggle, and guilt-free idleness is surprisingly difficult so I’m keeping these as is.

Wisdom: I have the capacity for choice so I challenge my thinking, live intentionally and courageously act on my convictions.

Wisdom comes from growth and choice. I still suck at cryptic crosswords, but I am learning so many other new things that I don’t think I need to rely on that form of brain stimulation. Choices are easier though still limited by circumstance. I’m going to start reading again and set myself relevant research challenges. Choice is kind of BAU but still needs work…

Wealth: I feel prosperous, my income meets my needs.

I set an income target of $29,163, half of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia recommendation for a comfortable retiree living, and I did not get anywhere near that though I did get a nice jar of jam. I also wanted to reduce our expenditure with a Lean shopping methodology, Just-In-Time-Delivery, set budgets, negotiate better rates with utility providers and walk more. Aside from the misfortune of reaching the end of our appliance(s) life-cycle(s), this has been a sound approach. Our freezer died over the Christmas break and we lost the food as we had nowhere to put it. And I haven’t yet sorted out the utility supplies so I will be sticking to the same goals here as well.

Did you review 2015? Are you pleased with your outcome? Do you have more to do in 2016?

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