2015 Transplantiversary Stocktake

Today is my fourth birthday or transplantiversary if you prefer. I usually do a Birthday Stocktake, and since my transplant, I have done them for its anniversary too. And the 2015 Transplantiversary Stocktake looks good.

This time last year I took the opportunity to do some deeper thinking about what my ideal universe was like. What were its important things, and how was I going to manifest them in my life. And since then I have brought you on my journey (or river) as I attempted to develop excellence in some areas (my virtues).

Perhaps it was reporting to you, or perhaps it was relabelling life as a mythic quest, but this is the first year that I have felt approached worthwhile – I have done things, gone places and seen things. I haven’t always ended up where I wanted to be, but I’ve gone always ended somewhere interesting. This year, I feel that I have made the gift of life worth the sacrifice.

It’s interesting how much of a difference conscious choice has made. I wish I had realised its importance years ago, back when I thought I was choosing rather than reacting.

Have you ever done a stocktake? How did you think it went?


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