2015 Mid-Year Review – Virtue of Beauty: Presence

2015 Mid-Year Review – Virtue of Beauty: Presence
Young Alexandria (2015 mid-year review presence)
Young Alexandria seems to have the Virtue of Beauty: Presence under control

And now it’s time to reflect on how my look has developed in the 2015 mid-year review presence.

Recap: I started Project Worthwhile Life around eight months ago with the primary goal of flourishing, supported by my household.  This was revised to become the virtue of beauty: the pursuit of excellence in aesthetics. My first review was body, and now it’s time to look at presence.


When I first chose presence, I was thinking in terms of command presence, using an example from Generation Warriors, of a little old lady sitting in a corner who stands up to reveal herself as a Star Fleet Admiral. I compared it to living your authentic self – wearing your clothes, and speaking your truth, not just fulfilling the expectations of those around you. And I related a couple of stories about buying clothes without a plan, then laid down some guidelines with the goal of building a practical and workable wardrobe that reflects who I am:

  1. a budget (5% of income) to cover clothing, accessories, makeup and alterations
  2. a colour palette (black, white, red, blue) so all my clothes would match each other and I could randomly pull clothes from my wardrobe and they would look fine together
  3. my clothes should be wearable throughout the year (I live in a relatively mild climate)
  4. wear classic styles so each item could be worn in different contexts and at different occasions.
  5. good quality clothes (and accessories) in woven fabrics made from natural fibres
  6. a replacement schedule

And after six months…

  1. Technically 5% of nothing is nothing, but there are still replacements to be purchased, and alterations to be made. A little thing here, and a not very well thought out thing there and I have used up 59% of my budget. I couldn’t say it love it all, nor can I say I wear it all, but at least there aren’t any mistakes.
  2. Doing well on the colours I initially chose, and then I conceived a passion for cerise and have added that to the mix in some ballet flats and a cardigan. But other than that, it’s all in the colours I chose.
  3. For the most part doing ok, though I bought a cashmere/merino sweater top which has been wonderfully warm over the last few cold weeks, but probably too warm for my summer.
  4. I’m not sure that I have been buying classics per se, but they are fine for different contexts and occasions, and I think I’ll get a couple of years out of them
  5. I’m happy with the quality (counterfeits aside). Really happy with this year’s complement of hiking socks.
  6. I’ve been tracking my purchases, and my book (Build Your Signature Wardroberesearch has suggested some others, so I think I have a fairly good handle on replacements.


Rating: wlEmoticon-smile.png

Next review will be beauty in the home.



Reviewing the virtues of:

Planning for the virtues of:

  • beauty – living authentically and taking care of our physical well-being and surroundings (body, presence, home, and garden)
  • friendship – treating the planet and other beings as well as we want to be treated (creatures, friends, family, contribution)
  • pleasure – agreeing to seek out new experiences as well as make time to do unproductive things.
  • wisdom – understanding ourselves and making choices based on the things we value
  • wealth – having sufficient income to meet our needs and spending it wisely

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